Background + Challenge

Myalgic encephalomyelitis, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), is a debilitating disease that is underdiagnosed, underfunded, and not well understood. The Solve ME/CFS Initiative (SMCI) was launched to actively engage the entire ME/CFS community with the two-pronged goal of improving knowledge of its causes and aggressively expanding funding to support research that will lead to the discovery of safe and effective treatments.


To gather research data and drive interest within the healthcare community, SMCI created the You + M.E. Registry and Biobank, a collection of patient-reported data from people living with ME/CFS. It became clear to those behind the initiative that in order to better understand the disease and characterize subtypes, a large, rich data set gathered over time from thousands of people with ME/CFS, along with healthy controls, would be needed.


Owl’s Head was asked to build a website from the ground up that would speak to those with the disease and inspire them to register and contribute to the databank. An important feature of the site would be an interactive tool that would allow those living with the disease to answer questions about their day-to-day experiences and ultimately get a picture of how the disease was impacting their life. The site needed to be compelling, clear, and approachable, expressing a “we-get-it” empathy for patients, with an easy and intuitive interactive feature.

The brand refresh had four primary goals:

  • Allow users to visualize the impact ME/CFS has on their lives while providing a safe platform for them to share their experiences
  • Drive users towards joining the registry either as patients or healthy controls
  • Tell the story of ME/CFS from the patients’ perspective through a series of patient stories
  • Attract researchers and provide a pathway to accessing the data
Services Provided
Front End Development
Website Design + Development