About Owl's Head Solutions

Owl’s Head Solutions is a full-service branding, print, and web design agency design agency that offers thoughtfully conceived, beautifully executed solutions to any creative communications challenge.

Co-founders Kate and Scott have more than 25 years of combined experience in design and development. Driven by curiosity, creativity, and a passion for innovation, they have built a design development company that’s always pushing boundaries, challenging the rules, exploring new directions, and keeping their creative approach fresh.

Lots of agencies offer design, and lots of agencies offer development; but five things set Owl’s Head Solutions apart:

We conceive, strategize and implement branding, design and development together from the onset of a project which produces a solution that’s seamless to the eye…effortless to the user…elegant in its clarity…and powerful in its impact.

Our creative range, our technological knowledge and our adaptability allow us to think disruptively and expansively as we craft solutions that will make your message stand out from the crowd.

We emphasize collaboration, recognizing that when ideas from every member of our team are welcomed into the creative mix, the results are richer, smarter and simply better all around.

We look beyond the completion of any graphic design projects to building an ongoing relationship with each client. Many of our clients have worked with us for years. We think of you as partners for the long run.

We’re scrappy…we’re dedicated…we’re nimble…and we’re always available. Our answer to pretty much every request is “no problem.” All of which makes us really, really easy to work with.

About the Logo

Our name is taken from the idyllic town that’s just down the road a ways from our headquarters, its most prominent point thought to resemble the shape of an owl’s head. There are many themes that have meaning for us, but the two that resonate the most are the natural beauty that inspires creativity and clear thought, and the wisdom of the owl with its wide, all-seeing eyes.

Our logo is a play on the tangram, an ancient Chinese puzzle comprised of a series of shapes that form a perfect square and can be rearranged endlessly. We feel it is a perfect metaphor for what we do as designers and developers — taking basic design elements and technology tools and using them in limitless ways to create solutions that are visually and functionally perfect. We constructed our tangram into the shape of an owl to reflect our name, symbolizing wisdom and insight.