Background + Challenge

Umoja Biopharma is a biopharmaceutical company developing a revolutionary new class of CAR T cell therapy that has the potential to transform the way a patient’s body fights cancer. The company has created an entirely new class of immunotherapies to retool a patient’s immune system in vivo—the therapy is manufactured within the body as opposed to in a lab—freeing patients from the burdens of other immuno-oncology treatments and expanding access to treatment for more cancer patients.


Other than their logo, Umoja was in need of a comprehensive brand redesign. This included concepting and designing a visual system and then using those components to craft an investor-focused corporate presentation, brand identity collateral, and a website.

The branding had 4 primary goals:

  • Explain the new approach to cancer treatment they are seeking by expanding accessibility to immunotherapies for more patients in more places due to its in vivo application, incorporating this messaging as a key element of the brand visuals
  • Illustrate their proprietary platforms, VivoVec and TumorTag, as integrated elements of the approach which uses the body’s own network of lymph nodes
  • Communicate the gaps in current therapies and underscore Umoja’s opportunity to transform cancer treatment for all patients, including younger and healthier ones
  • Connect with investors and partners who could strengthen and support Umoja’s mission
Services Provided
Brand Identity Design
Front End Development
Presentation Design
Print Collateral
Website Design + Development