Background + Challenge

Soapwalla crafts natural, vegan, skincare products for ALL humans. They were one of the first of a new wave of natural skincare brands to hit the market, and they remain one of the few still standing, still independent, and still thriving. As they approached their 10th anniversary, they felt it was time for a brand and website refresh. In celebrating this milestone, they wanted to double down on their core principles which fall into four buckets: natural products, inclusivity, eco-consciousness, and activism.


They asked us to help them more strongly communicate their unique position in the natural, vegan skincare market, a market that has grown exponentially in the decade since they began. With many companies jumping on the natural skincare bandwagon with varying credentials and degrees of authenticity, they needed to differentiate themselves as the real deal in this space, with messaging that is clean, clear, trustworthy, and inclusive, reflecting the company’s values, particularly their sensitivity to the LBGTQ community and to those with specific skin issues that are often not addressed by other skincare brands.


They also asked us to address some technical and design concerns with their current website, which did not allow them the flexibility they desired and was frustrating for their customers. They wanted to streamline, simplify, and improve the user experience.

Services Provided
Brand Identity Design
Brand Voice Discovery
Front End Development
Key Messaging
Photo Art Direction
Website Design + Development