Background + Challenge

A complete brand overhaul and a unified digital design system that scales: That was the challenge iTeos Therapeutics approached Owl’s Head with, and the work we took to heart. iTeos is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company specializing in targeted immunotherapies for people living with cancer; important work, driven by vision and pursued with precision. What they were looking for was nothing less than a partner with as much experience in messaging and storytelling, as developing an extensible and accessible new website.


To re-envision and reposition the brand and better tell its story, we undertook a comprehensive brand redesign, from the logo and core brand identity, to corporate presentation decks, collateral, and a fully custom website design. The challenge was to develop a large-scale, holistic brand identity that effectively and decisively communicates their capability and sense of mission, and make a more positive impression on their existing and potential partners, team and audience.


The rebrand had 4 primary goals:

  • Articulate and align company messaging and strategies, developing and writing a new communications and positioning strategy, and designing the core vehicles for the brand extension.
  • Leverage brand messaging strategy and sensibilities in the development of a wide-ranging, comprehensive, extensible brand identity and visual language.
  • Design and develop a new website around a wholly reconsidered information architecture, journey-mapped to significantly increase quality conversions desired from the audience.
  • Develop and produce a full brand guide documenting and providing specifications for the universal design system, including overviews on all messaging, creative, and positioning goals.

Services Provided
Brand Identity Design
Brand Voice Discovery
Presentation Design
Website Design + Development