Background + Challenge

Impel Neuropharma is a late-stage biopharmaceutical company that is the first to investigate targeting the upper nasal cavity with optimized therapeutic molecules and formulations for treating central nervous system diseases such as migraine, agitation, and Parkinson’s disease. Impel’s pipeline is built upon its proprietary Precision Olfactory Delivery (POD ™ ), a nasal drug delivery platform designed to achieve rapid absorption with consistent and predictable doses. With this delivery system, patients can self-administer medication to achieve symptomatic relief quickly without requiring an injection or a trip to a healthcare provider or hospital. In short—this device is a potential game-changer for CNS therapies and beyond.


Other than their logo, which has built brand equity, Impel was in need of a comprehensive brand redesign. This included evolving and expanding their visual system and then using those components to create a corporate presentation template and to relaunch their website.

The rebrand had three primary goals:

  • Elevate the brand to visually embody the high-science biotech innovators that they are
  • Embody Impel’s spirit of tenacity, drive and disruption in the field of CNS diseases
  • Convey the heart of their story which is the game-changing drug delivery method that harnesses the vascular rich, brain-adjacent upper nasal cavity to provide more effective, more convenient and more immediate results
Services Provided
Brand Identity Design
Front End Development
Presentation Design
Website Design + Development