Background + Challenge

Generian is a pioneering biopharmaceutical company working to discover therapies that amplify the body’s natural biological networks to reverse disease course. The company’s platform harnesses E3 ligase biology to enhance the activation of beneficial cellular pathways. Generian’s medicines increase specific target protein activity and improve healthspan.


Except for their logo, which has established brand equity, we were asked to provide a comprehensive design of the Generian brand in a way that tells a complicated story in a highly visual and easy-to-digest manner.

The branding had 3 primary goals:

  • Elevate Generian’s unique ability to create new medicines in an entirely different way.
  • Capture the Generian team’s deep expertise and proven track record in small molecule discovery targeting E3 ligases.
  • Connect with investors and partners who want to help advance the science, discovery, and impact of Generian’s mission.
Services Provided
Brand Identity Design
Front End Development
Website Design + Development