Background + Challenge

Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) affect more than 1 billion people worldwide, striking at the heart of poor and marginalized communities. The effects can be devastating—causing disability, childhood malnutrition, blindness, and reduced productivity.


Led by RTI International, the research and technical services organization, USAID’s Act to End Neglected Tropical Diseases | East program was in need of branding for its launch in Southeast Asia and East Africa. Act to End NTDs | East supports national governments in their efforts to reach WHO-neglected tropical disease control and elimination goals through proven, cost-effective public health interventions. They also provide critical support to countries striving for self-reliance, helping them to create sustainable programming for NTD control within robust and resilient health systems.

The branding effort had 2 major goals:

  • Infuse the passion, impact and mission of the program into its visual story
  • With “neglected” being a major hurdle for this organization, create branding that would get global attention in a crowded space
Services Provided
Identity Design
Presentation Design
Print Collateral