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Impel Neuropharma Rebrand


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Impel Neuropharma Rebrand


Impel Neuropharma is a late-stage biopharmaceutical company that is the first to investigate targeting the upper nasal cavity with optimized therapeutic molecules and formulations for treating central nervous system diseases such as migraine, agitation, and Parkinson’s disease. Impel’s pipeline is built upon its proprietary Precision Olfactory Delivery (POD), a nasal drug delivery platform designed to achieve rapid absorption with consistent and predictable doses. With this delivery system, patients can self-administer medication to achieve symptomatic relief quickly without requiring an injection or a trip to a healthcare provider or hospital. In short—this device is a potential game-changer for CNS therapies and beyond.


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Other than their logo, which has built brand equity, Impel was in need of a comprehensive brand redesign. This included evolving and expanding their visual system and then using those components to create a corporate presentation template and to relaunch their website.

The rebrand had 3 primary goals:

  • Elevate the brand to visually embody the high-science biotech innovators that they are
  • Convey the heart of their story which is the game-changing drug delivery method that harnesses the vascular rich, brain-adjacent upper nasal cavity to provide more effective, more convenient and more immediate results
  • Embody Impel’s spirit of tenacity, drive and disruption in the field of CNS diseases


As with all branding projects, we started with research. In sitting with the client to better understand their technology, their pipeline, their goals and their passion for their work, one theme above all bubbled to the top—Impel is going to disrupt the healthcare industry with their novel approach to administering medicine. We needed to clearly present and distinguish the parts of their system: the science behind the POD delivery method, the proven, large-molecule drugs they are working with and the precision of the delivery devices themselves.



Using their logo as a jumping-off point, we created a series of core graphics featuring precise lines and nodes all working together to represent broad scientific and neuroscience concepts. We expanded their visual system with an adjusted color palette that we kept minimal and precise, using varying hues of blue paired with a bold red that allowed us to emphasize the most important messaging. We felt that photography should be monochromatic, mostly in black and white with some use of blue tones, to create a visual impact that is serious and science-centric.

To facilitate all their goals and provide maximum flexibility and a cohesive look among different brand components, we created a library of core graphics, iconography and photography that the client can pull from and add to as needed.

Approved Moodboard

The approved moodboard reflects the serious, scientific nature of Impel’s work while communicating the game-changing potential of their technology with energy and excitement.

    • Adjusted, minimal color palette
    • Monochromatic photography
    • Library of photography, iconography and graphics for client to use across all components, from presentations to website updates to scientific papers
    • Check out the website at

Website + Brand Collateral

The website was totally redesigned with clear, concise information presented in easy-to-digest bites that direct users to the product pipeline. The main messaging and lines-and-nodes graphics on the homepage animate in an upward motion, a metaphor for the company’s trajectory, precision and focus as well as a representation of the path of the drug delivery within the POD device itself.

Check out the website at

To allow content to expand and the website to remain fresh, we built the site with a custom WordPress theme, enabling the client to make updates via an administrative backend which was a cost-effective and efficient approach. We designed and developed it to be responsive, so the user experience was optimized whether viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Our Science page

POD Technology page

POD device description

The corporate capabilities presentation was built to be exceedingly flexible while featuring several design options from the core library.

A suite of icons was designed for use across each presentation, depending on content needs.


Impel has been incredibly pleased with the rebrand. They appreciate our sensitivity to the subtleties of their mission and the clarity required to communicate their technology and the science behind it, as well as our ability to present complex information in clean, easy-to-grasp visual ways. They have received positive feedback from their team and their network of key stakeholders.

“Working with the Owl’s Head team has been a terrific experience. They designed and built a stunning and engaging website, in addition to a refresh of our corporate identity assets. The team quickly understood our ideas and requirements, helping us create a visual identity that feels fresh, bold, and easily communicates complex ideas about our technology platform. A sensible and experienced team that is able to keep up with the demands of a fast-moving biopharma organization.”

—Jen Berman, VP of Marketing