Mónica Elizabeth Alba González

Mónica Alba

Software Engineer

Some software engineers are born. Some are made. Mónica Elizabeth Alba González falls into the former category, knowing from about age 13 that the things she loved to do—from organizing typing races with her friends in her school’s computer lab to creating a simple web page about her pets—would set her course. We’d be remiss not to mention a brief, early desire to become a rock star, but this insightful teenager was realistic about the likelihood of that dream coming true. She is, however, a rock star in our programming department.


Based in Mexico City, Mónica studied computer engineering and applied mathematics at Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de Mexico. In addition to her outstanding formal education, she describes herself as self-taught, referring to how she constantly seeks to expand her skills and add to her coding toolkit by embracing new technologies and feeding her curious mind. While studying, she got her first job in the institute’s library and has been working in web development as a front-end, then as a full-stack software engineer ever since. Her resume includes work as a front-end developer at Worky and as a software engineer at Gold Media Tech on the Connie Health account, an experience that prepared her for Owl’s Heads’ work in healthcare, health advocacy, and public health. She is fluent in more programming languages than we can count.


Outside of work, Mónica pursues a wide range of interests, from Harry Potter movie marathons (in Spanish and English!) to reading, knitting, painting, and video games. She’s also studying German and eyeing taking up the cello and tennis in her “spare” time. These pursuits perfectly align with her “always learning” approach to pretty much everything.


It’s not surprising that, with her engineering focus and mathematical mind, Mónica is a fan of puzzles, mysteries, and problem-solving, both professionally and in her after-work life. Actually, she’s much more than a fan; she is almost obsessive as she takes on each challenge, doggedly pursuing the answer with a perfectionist’s temperament. (She has a deep connection to the detective Sherlock Holmes.) Our mantra at Owl’s Head is that we can always find a solution. Mónica is the poster child for that approach, bringing her skill, intensity, and curiosity to every project. She really is a perfect fit.

Mónica has seen the movie Freaky Friday so many times that she knows all the dialogue

FUN FACT: Mónica has seen the movie "Freaky Friday" so many times that she knows all the dialogue.