Brand Refresh and
Website Overhaul




Brand Refresh and
Website Overhaul


Soapwalla crafts natural, vegan, skincare products for ALL humans. They were one of the first of a new wave of natural skincare brands to hit the market, and they remain one of the few still standing, still independent, and still thriving. As they approached their 10-year anniversary, they felt it was time for a brand and website refresh. In celebrating this milestone, they wanted to double down on their core principles which fall into four buckets: natural products, inclusivity, eco-consciousness, and activism.


With the tag line “For ALL humans,” the brand speaks to a universal audience, with products for all genders, all identities, and all skin types. However, within that, they always want to position themselves as especially responsive to the LBGTQ community and to those with specific skin issues that are often not addressed by other skincare brands.

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As part of their 10-year anniversary reboot, they asked us to help them more strongly communicate their unique position in the natural, vegan skincare market, a market that has grown exponentially over the decade. With many companies jumping on the natural skincare bandwagon with varying credentials and degrees of authenticity, they wanted to differentiate themselves as the real deal in this space, with messaging that is clean, clear, trustworthy, and inclusive to reflect their products and the company’s values. At the same time, they wanted to build on, rather than discard, their history.

They also asked us to address some technical and design concerns with their current website, which did not allow them the flexibility they desired and was frustrating for their customers. They wanted to streamline, simplify, and improve the user experience.


Coming to us with just a tweaked logo and recently redesigned packaging, we essentially had a clean slate and the opportunity to rethink the entire website to make it more user friendly and to communicate the company’s multi-pronged messaging clearly. We knew that the four brand pillars—products, inclusivity, eco-consciousness, and activism—were almost of equal importance and had to be deftly woven together to support the overarching brand story without getting confusing. We used key messaging in text, photography, illustrations, and other visual elements as tools with which to tie the brand together.

We also identified opportunities to improve the website functionality and enhance the user experience by redesigning it in a more engaging and intuitive way, with more cross-selling and upselling opportunities, and smoother navigation.



We started by sitting down with the client for a deep dive into their goals for the rebrand. We were fortunate that the company founder was extremely hands-on, working with us as we crafted the messaging and planned the site architecture. After thorough research on competitive brands, we spent time honing the messaging on the products, the ingredients, the company values, the founder’s story, and the brand voice. This gave us the building blocks with which to construct the site.

We also spent a good deal of time in the wireframing phase, creating an intuitive customer experience and identifying ways to bring the story of the brand to life.


Taking our design cues from all the groundwork laid, the moodboard captured a bright and clean aesthetic, and featured a mix of photography as well as illustration. As we art directed the photography, we focused on the craft that goes into making the products and the personality of the brand.

    • Bright, light, clean aesthetic
    • Vibrant color palette
    • Large bold typography
    • Authentic photography
    • Colorful ingredient illustrations
    • Check out the website at


We designed and developed the site to be responsive, so the user experience is optimized whether viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Check out the website at

Slice of the Homepage

Slice of the Our Story Page

Slice of the Meet Rachel Page – the pillars upon which she built Soapwalla on


The Soapwalla team is incredibly excited about how the site looks and its improved functionality. They feel that we have really nailed the voice, the personality, and their differentiating messaging. They love the clean, airy look and elegant simplicity of the design.

“The Owl’s Head team was a dream to work with. Websites are our storefronts, our business cards, our company mottos. They are often the first impression of a business. It’s the intangibles (and sometimes, indescribable) that really set sites apart. Working with Owl’s Head to craft my ideal website was shockingly easy – Kate and her team got my messaging, they listened to my concerns and responded quickly to directional changes, and created a working platform that is also a piece of art. I’d work with Owl’s Head again in a heartbeat.”

–Rachel Winard, Founder of Soapwalla