Women’s Health
Take It All Off! Keep It All Off!
Book Launch




Women’s Health
Take It All Off! Keep It All Off!
Book Launch


Women’s Health magazine was launching a book to support a new program for effective and lasting weight loss and overall fitness for women. Titled Take It All Off! Keep It All Off!, the publication supports an authentic program based on proven results provided by readers of the Women’s Health column, “You Lose/You Win.” A lifestyle makeover rather than a fad diet, the book reflects all aspects of this differentiating program, with 7 New Rules that span everything from portion control to avoiding trigger foods to the right mix of exercise.


Females, 30s to 40s, slightly overweight to quite overweight and ready to lose it.

Readers of the WH column “You Lose/You Win” and other WH health coverage stories.

Women who try all the latest diet crazes from cleanses to juicing.

Services Provided

Website design + development
Digital banner ads
Email blasts


Create a comprehensive digital campaign to coincide with, support, and celebrate the book’s publication:

  • Present the proven results of the program
  • Underscore the authenticity of the individual stories
  • Create an easy-to-digest yet impactful format
  • Communicate clearly the key elements of the program, why it works and why it’s different


With so many inspiring before-and-after photos from women whose lives had been transformed by the program, we made these the focus of our visual presentation.

We knew that nothing would be as compelling to potential buyers as reading about women just like them who had struggled with dieting and yo-yo weight loss and gain for years, many for their entire lives. Around these stories, we worked in the specific messages about the program benefits.

Methodology + Deliverables

As we built moodboards, we focused heavily on before & after photos, including before & after weights. Around these, we wove through quotes and testimonials, call-outs of major messaging, recipe teasers, fitness tips, psychological benefits, encouraging “you-can-do-it” headlines and more.

Landing Page Concepts

Approved Landing Page

We presented the client with several moodboards and format options. They chose a carousel format through which we could show a number of stories in a clean, dynamic way that covered a lot of ground and was easy to navigate.

Typography was bold and copy was succinct so that it would be easy-to-read and really stand out, especially on mobile devices. The palette was bright and warm, using golds, oranges and pinks, with lots of gradients that subtly hinted at progress and change. The use of arrows underscored this idea of forward movement.

  • The website was striking and impactful whether viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Additional Collateral

To support the site launch we created two emails that shouted the main messaging and enticed readers to the website to learn more.

We developed a series of powerful digital banner ads using the “Get Slim, Get Sexy” message as a bold attention getter to bring readers to the site and support the launch.


Making the most of pop-out phrases such as “Get slim, get sexy and stay that way,” “thinner, stronger, happier” and “cook up confidence,” we created a striking and impactful website that the client felt successfully told the stories of the program and the women who were profiled in the book. The Rodale team was incredibly pleased with how our work supported and boosted sales, especially upon the book’s publication, the most important period of sales.