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Advocacy Accelerator Launch



Global health organizations are increasingly focusing on how best to influence policy change and financing decisions by governments in low-resource locations. The most effective advocates to reach these goals are those with in-depth knowledge of local policies, processes and leaders, and with strategies on how to influence them. However, efforts to strengthen local advocacy to achieve domestic policy changes are often fragmented, short-term, project driven and lacking the equal partnership and long-standing support needed to have maximum sustainable impact.

Catalysts for Change pursued the creation of an “Advocacy Accelerator” to support shared learning, collaboration and exchange to advance country advocacy. This initiative provides both virtual and physical space and support for advocates to share and partner on joint advocacy approaches.


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Develop the first stage of an Online knowledge management and shared learning platform:

  • Create an interactive website
  • Strategically conceive deliverables to reach and actively engage country-based advocates and those that support and partner with them
  • Coordinate timing of deliverables with the Women Deliver Conference, using this event as a launch pad for target audiences to engage with and support the Advocacy Accelerator to lay a strong foundation for the initiative moving forward


Our first step was to conduct an extensive competitive analysis to review best practices for platform decisions, content roll out, and member interaction.

We also looked at tone and voice to use in speaking to this multi-faceted audience, concluding that the aesthetic must be approachable and positive, playing on the idea of optimism and hope rather than focusing on the hardships our audience might be striving to combat.

Methodology + Deliverables

Once we had a feel for the target tone and voice, we began to design the logo and build moodboards. Many of the graphics and logo options focused on the idea of forward motion or bursts of movement, reflecting the concepts of progress, possibility and energy.

Logo + Moodboard Concepts

Approved Logo + Moodboard

The client chose a logo with a bold set of growing arrows signifying forward progress and the building of momentum, reflecting the idea of “acceleration” featured in the initiative’s name. For the moodboards, they chose a mix of muted colors with bright, hopeful accent colors to allow key messages, statistics and calls-to-action to pop.

  • Moving forward, working together, and leadership

  • Positive, active, sense of movement, and bold

Brand Collateral

Once a logo and moodboard were chosen, we had our “building blocks” for the project—brand colors, fonts, images and design treatments. These were then rolled out to the website, fact sheets, and trade show signage.

For Phase 1 of the launch, the website was a quick overview of the initiative, explaining its purpose while asking users to join the community. We built the site with a custom WordPress theme, allowing the user to make updates via an administrative back-end, a cost-effective and efficient approach. We designed and developed it to be responsive, meaning the user experience was optimized whether viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

  • The website provides a quick, easy-to-grasp overview of the initiative to explain its purpose, as well as a large repository of useful advocacy tools. Visit the site here.

  • The fact sheet we created for the Women Deliver Conference was designed to make it easy for viewers to quickly grasp the initiative, using bold colors, succinct text and strong calls-to-action.

Signage was designed for the Women Deliver Conference that allowed audience members
to post their goals for strong advocacy right on the trade show booth walls.


The initiative’s launch at the Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen was met with great enthusiasm. The client was so pleased with Phase 1 that Owl’s Head Solutions has continued to parter with Catalyst for Change on evolutions of the website, including more robust website functionality that allows users to search events and opportunities, and to share advocacy resources.