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We are in the midst of a massive health crisis. In the developed world, chronic disease, including diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease, are the leading causes of disability, premature death and healthcare costs. Without enduring sustainable change, the next generation will inherit a world where chronic disease and premature death are the norm, not the exception.

Every day there is a new diet, product, or service that promises a silver bullet. Massive amounts of static regarding health promotion and disease prevention drown out the science-backed principles we know have the power to help people live longer, healthier lives. A multitude of competing agendas and motivations obscure the fundamental, simple truths of healthy living.

True Health Initiative is a coalition of world-renowned experts dedicated to disseminating only accurate, evidence-backed, consensus-based information about lifestyle as medicine, with the goal of preventing as much as 80 percent of chronic disease around the world.



Health coaches

Other healthcare providers

Others who are asked for advice on healthy lifestyles

Services Provided

Website Design and Development Icon
Website design + development
Logo design
Logo design
Identity development
Fact Sheets
Fact sheets


Visually rebrand this multi-faceted initiative with an emphasis on simplifying the key messaging for greater impact. Specifically:

  • Develop a unifying, relevant, engaging and aspirational identity to effectively articulate the goals of the initiative, generating a sense of urgency and excitement to build a global movement
  • Clearly communicate the six core principles of healthy living that are supported by decades of published research
  • Underscore the differentiating attributes of the initiative that’s supported by multiple authoritative sources and proven science


We began with research into what others are doing in this very crowded space. We did a careful analysis of design, messaging and functionality to determine what was working well from a user’s point of view. This allowed us to make informed decisions and to craft design concepts based on the key messaging that was provided.

These concepts gave us our visual road map and direction on our use of use of color, imagery and typography.

Methodology + Deliverables

Our first creative step with this project was to design the logo and create moodboards. All logo options we presented tied back to the six core principles of healthy living—forks, feet, fingers, sleep, stress and love—which are fundamental to the campaign pledge. 

Our moodboards featured visually bold uses of color and typography, mixed with approachable imagery of both healthcare providers and patients practicing their six core principles in ways that grabbed the user’s attention by creating an emotional connection.

Logo + Moodboard Concepts

Approved Logo + Moodboard

The client chose a logo that represented overlapping shapes to signify many pieces working together to form a whole. The center of the graphic forms a hopeful star. They chose a moodboard that features bright colors and infographics and icons presented as official-looking “seals” to underscore credibility and trust.

  • Visual Themes/Symbology

    6-sided, multi-faceted, overlapping, star, and momentum

  • Qualities

    Inspirational and in motion

Brand Collateral

Once a logo and moodboard were approved, we had our “building blocks” for the project—brand colors, fonts, images and design treatments. These were then rolled out to the website, fact sheet and member pledge.

The website was built to expand with rich, updatable content to highlight the expertise and credibility of the council. Its main goal is to invite the community to take the pledge and build a movement around the fundamentals of healthy living.

To allow content to expand, we built the site with a custom WordPress theme, enabling the user to make updates via an administrative back-end which was a cost-effective and efficient approach. We designed and developed it to be responsive, meaning the user experience was optimized whether viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

  • The website was designed with snackable information on the homepage, leading you deeper into the website. Please visit the site here.

A brief overview the of initiative was designed as a fact sheet urging members to join and leading the audience back to the website.

A printable member pledge was designed so members could always go back and be reminded of the initiative’s core principles.


Supported by the new visual branding, including the relaunch of the website and the Health Between the Headlines newsletter, the list of members pledging on the True Health Initiative website has continued to grow. The Council of Directors now includes over 2,000 leading experts and influencers from over 30 countries.