While she welcomes any interesting design challenge that comes her way, graphic designer Taylor Morris gets truly fired up by projects that have an extra level of meaning—a bridge to community, a chance to improve sustainability or an opportunity to advance a not-for-profit’s mission. For Taylor, design is all about empathy and impact.


As an army brat who lived all over the South as a child, Taylor developed a strong sense of community and a rich understanding of small-town connections, even though she is now a true city girl. Her studies in both graphic design and photography at the University of Central Missouri are embraced in her work, whether creating the branding for a safe-driving program fundraiser, overseeing a sustainability-focused redesign of her university’s newspaper or photographing private events with the incisive eye of a photojournalist.


Taylor describes herself as an ambivert—an introvert who craves adventure and goes after it. That adventurous spirit can be seen in her work, where she is always exploring new approaches and reaching for innovative solutions. Her standards are high and she’s never satisfied until her clients are. As a childhood cancer survivor, Taylor brings an added dimension of understanding and purpose to her work with Owl’s Head’s healthcare-focused projects.


With her expansive skillset and her dedicated problem-solver’s attitude—not to mention her passion for college football, roller coasters and true crime shows—Taylor has become a valued member of the Owl’s Head team whose contributions help elevate everything we do.

Taylor Morris

FUN FACT: Taylor can sing the alphabet forward, backward, and in Spanish.