Neelima Turaga

Neelima Turaga

Technical Project Manager

When we first read Neelima Turaga’s resume our reaction, in a word, was “wow.” We were amazed at how much she had accomplished so early in her career. Then when we met her, we learned that Neelima in person is every bit as impressive as she is on paper.


A skilled project manager and engineer, Neelima was raised in India where she worked in IT for Deloitte, IBM and Dell, receiving her B.E. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Anna State University. Moving to the U.S., she settled in Michigan, bringing her experience to the automotive world with positions at software company ITS Partners, consultancy company PCUBED working on the Ford Motor account, and Mitsubishi Electronics, working with key stakeholders including Stellantis. She is a member of the PMI and certified by the ITIL Foundation in IT service management. We’re amazed at how she has deftly applied her big corporate experience to the more intimate Owl’s Head universe.


Of great value to Owl’s Head is Neelima’s expertise with projects that involve lots of moving parts and complex integrations, as she gently but firmly wrangles the puzzle pieces and needs of all the stakeholders. Seamlessly managing the macro and the micro, she assures that clients’ overarching strategies and goals are met while overseeing work flow, allocating team resources, adhering to budgets and coordinating myriad details and deadlines. And she does it all with a genuine smile.


At the heart of Neelima’s story is her upbringing, as she watched her mother juggle caring for family, tutoring other children and a career as an economics professor at the local university. Neelima was always taught to dream big and that nothing was out of reach if she worked hard enough. Continuing to be an advocate for more women in STEM careers, Neelima is delighted be a part of Owl’s Head’s culture where women in tech and leadership roles are business as usual and she has the opportunity to advance—with big plans to bring others along with her.

Neelima Turaga Fun Fact

FUN FACT: Neelima binge watches all the Harry Potter movies each holiday season.