Looking back, Senior Web Designer Kristin Mozes sees that her career path was set at about age 8. As a child she loved to write little stories and would create illustrations to go with them, discovering early on how words and images work together to communicate. She didn’t realize then that this passion would become her life’s work…she was just having fun. When, at 12, this “early adopter” taught herself how to draw and paint in Photoshop, the proverbial die was cast.  


While studying painting, printmaking and art history in college, Kristin worked designing both print and digital materials for the university’s Office of Communications and Marketing. She also became the graphic designer and cartoonist for the university’s newspaper, rounding out her fine art studies with on-the-job experience in print and digital design and production. 


Since joining Owl’s Head, Kristin has worked on a variety of projects that have allowed her to grow her skill set. She has learned motion design and animation, user interface and user experience design, augmented reality interfaces, advanced layout techniques, advanced typography and many other design capabilities. 


Beyond her deep appreciation for the growth opportunities Owl’s Head has provided, what’s most meaningful to Kristin about her work is involvement in projects that target real-world needs, taking complex material and mindfully presenting it in easily accessible ways. She also values the Owl’s Head culture, one built around high standards, respect, support and humor, all of which, she believes, combine to produce better results for our clients.

Kristin Mozes

FUN FACT: Kristin has watched every episode of Star Trek: Voyager...3 times.