Like many members of the Owl’s Head team, Kristin Harper’s path to web development was a winding one …with a crucial U-turn in the middle. Before becoming a tech professional, Kristin had been finishing a PhD in cinema studies at NYU. She was at the A.B.D. stage—all but dissertation—when, looking ahead to what her next step would be, she did some reassessing, deciding that after so many years in academia, she was ready to upend her master plan.


What crystalized for Kristin was that she really wanted to spend her time creating something new rather than studying things that had already been created by others. She was also ready for a work environment that was less isolated and more collaborative than doing research, preparing lectures, writing articles and watching films.


Her switch to tech was not as knee-jerking, out-of-the-blue as it might sound, as she had been an early adopter of many technologies before her years in academia and had always understood the tech world. Kristin sums up this connection, “Abstract languages combined with a visual output just made a lot of sense to me.” She appreciates the way web development combines creativity with problem-solving, and the academic in her embraces working in a field where there is always something new to learn.


Kristin started this journey by teaching herself Javascript and quickly decided that web development would be her next chapter. She attended the Grace Hopper program—an immersive software engineering program at Fullstack Academy. After several years of freelance work as a mobile and fullstack developer, including some projects with senior developers at major tech companies, this girl from Louisiana found her way to Owl’s Head, where her outstanding skills, along with her dry sense of humor, passion for street jazz dance and love of cats, endear her to the OHS team. She’s finally discovered what she really loves to do…and has found a home in which to do it brilliantly.

Kristin Harper

FUN FACT: Kristin has seen every episode of “RuPauls Drag Race” multiple times.