As Owl’s Head’s Account Coordinator, Kendra McDonald is the one who keeps things humming. We call her the organizer-in-chief for her amazing ability to take every project and create an easy-to-follow road map for our team and our clients.


Raised in southern Massachusetts, Kendra had her eye on New York early on, a destination inspired by her high-school interest in theatre, specifically in set and costume design. After studies at the Massachusetts College of Art and the Fashion Institute of Technology, Kendra began her professional journey in New York, which included work in account management, sales, social media and customer service for several fashion houses and apparel retailers. She thrived in the fast-paced, multi-faceted fashion environment and loved being part of an industry that combines business and creativity.


Her love affair with the New York fashion industry lasted about six years. After that, Kendra was ready for a place that was “quiet and green,” where she could run through the woods, track down out-of-print books and work on her encaustic paintings. Her broad background allowed her to successfully transition to Portland, Maine, working for a custom jewelry company and then an art gallery, creative companies that recognized—and needed—her management and organizational skills.


When our Owl’s Head team first met Kendra, we knew that she was perfectly prepared to wrangle the daily details and challenges of our growing agency with her experience in business, her understanding of the creative process and her expertise in the “customer” part of customer service. Kendra helps us run things with grace, poise, can-do enthusiasm and humor, keeping everyone in our orbit calm and focused. Not surprisingly, our clients love her as much as we do.

Kendra Mcdonald

FUN FACT: Kendra is a self-taught encaustic painter.