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Kath Corgan

Art Director

Kath Corgan’s experience in the worlds of art and design is both broad and deep. She knew early on that the visual arts would be her metier but her path took some interesting turns. Starting out in the Graphic Design program at Boston University’s School of Visual Arts, she ultimately chose to earn her BFA degree in the stringent, structured Painting program, the purist in her winning out over the pragmatist. The combination of her design and painting studies created a remarkable foundation for her present-day passion for graphic design.


After college, it would be a while before she completed the loop back to dedicated graphic design, completing the certificate program at Westchester Community College’s Digital Design program to reboot and update her skills in the digital world that changes so fast. In developing her visual sensibilities through a holistic approach, she made a major stop along the way in the film industry, studying cinematography at Film/Video Arts in New York City, learning camera operation and working on a host of major feature films. As a member of the International Cinematographers’ Guild, she was elected by the membership to ICG’s Eastern Region Executive Board to advocate for inclusion and healthy working conditions. She has continued as a member of ICG’s IATSE Local 600 and is now also a member of AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts).


A visual thinker with an insatiable curiosity and a creative approach to everything from her work to her love of travel and sports, Kath believes that her immersive years in the painting studio, followed by her collaborations on film crews, have made her work as a graphic designer richer and more meaningful. Her painting, while more solitary, gave her a sense of history, context, and a deeper understanding of color and process than you often get in design studies. Her work behind the camera on film crews trained her eye to capture nuances of light, focus and movement. All of this informs her design work which she feels is where she was meant to be, and she appreciates this background that blends visual disciplines. Always a champion for women, Kath celebrates her participation in traditionally male-dominated arenas, particularly cinematography, as well as some of her extracurricular sports pursuits.


As a graphic designer for almost ten years, Kath always looks for the “why” within the “what,” to get to the heart of a project’s message and tell it in a visual way that rings true, homing in on each client’s mission to guide her path to finding the right solution. She felt destined to find Owl’s Head where she has opportunities to work on meaningful projects and tell compelling stories that can—quite literally—change the world.

Ducati Motorcycle

FUN FACT: Kath was formerly a Ducati trackday junkie and racetrack performance coach in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.