Corryn Young

Corryn Young

Director of Engineering

A thread that runs through the backgrounds and values of many members of the Owl’s Head team is an interest in philanthropy and a desire to use their talents to give back. This is definitely true of our Director of Engineering, Corryn Young (aka Corey), although her path to OHS was a bit unusual.


We can say unequivocally that Corey is the first person in the OHS universe who has ever held the titles of Able Bodied Seaman, Chief Mate, Navigation Officer and Captain. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Arizona, Tucson in astronomy, Corey spent 10 years sailing on historic ships for several non-profit organizations and foundations, developing and teaching history, STEM-based education classes and team-building programs, working her way up from volunteer deckhand to captain, managing paid and volunteer crews of up to 50 along the way.


Upon her return to land, she transitioned her problem-solving talents, leadership capabilities and interest in technology and STEM disciplines into software development, attending an immersive boot-camp program at Fullstack Academy to sharpen her tech skills. Those skills and talents eventually led her to Owl’s Head.


Corey’s decade on the water deeply informs the way she leads our engineering department, a management style she sums up as “Semper Gumby” (“always flexible”), as one has to be in dealing with the unexpected at sea, such as weather conditions or mechanical failures. She teaches her team to anticipate potential problems or bottlenecks so when they can’t prevent them, they’ll have a plan of action perfectly in place to solve them. She believes the key to dealing with technical challenges is not just to look at the “what” of the issue, but to look deeper and discover the “why.”


Corey has truly seen the world from a unique perspective, which helps her connect authentically with many of the healthcare-centric projects we work on. She knows that sailing major ships takes energy, teamwork, commitment and sensitivity, as does running an agency technology department. Corey’s all-hands-on-deck attitude, her standards of excellence and her welcoming of any challenge are invaluable qualities that she and her team use to help our clients solve real-world problems.

Corryn Young

FUN FACT: Corey has taken the Trans Siberian Railroad.