Caitlin Marshall

Caitlin Marshall

Web Developer

At first glance, one does a double-take on learning that Caitlin Marshall’s journey to excellence in web development began in a bakery. But beyond selling muffins, she immersed herself in every aspect of the business, which also included a bustling little market. She got to know the local blueberry farmers, learned about the global wines and cheeses the market sold, and—here’s the connection to her future—created systems to track inventory, schedule employees, and generally keep things humming. By the time she left, she was running the place. And in so doing, she discovered her talent—and passion—for organizing people and creating systems that streamline operations.


As Operations Coordinator at ReVision Energy Solar, she called on and built on that interest in making things run smoothly. She coordinated multiple departments, from sales to warehouse, to ensure that everyone worked together to maximize installations, eventually helping grow the project pipeline by more than half. She describes her success as due, in part, to her love for “tooling around in the software to come up with better ways to do things,” from flagging new construction projects in the CRM to refining formulas in Excel to predict company capacity. Some of these improvements were so obvious to her that she couldn’t grasp why no one had thought of them before. She figured that she must have a natural gift for just making things—any things—work better, and decided to see where that talent might lead.


Raised in Texas and educated at the University of San Francisco, after her move to Maine and her tenure at ReVision, Caitlin took a few years off to raise her young children. During that time, while planning her next career move, she thought, “why don’t I take that dorky computer stuff that I love and make it my full-time thing?” She enrolled in the Skillcrush Front End Developer Intensive program, further honing her skills with freelance and volunteer work. She continues to delight in taking deep dives into code, where there is truly no end to learning.


Caitlin is thrilled to join Owl’s Head and work with a complete design and development agency. She values being part of a small but mighty, woman-owned, and women-led business where everyone has a seat at the table. She says that she was so impressed by our work that she wanted to help execute our vision and those of our clients while continuing to expand her skills. Our emphasis on healthcare and public health is also meaningful for her. And the cherry on top of the Caitlin-Owl’s Head connection is that she gets to work with a Maine-centric company, deepening her love for her adopted state. She knows she made the right decision in following her bliss. And we are so happy that she did.

Caitlin Marshall Fun Fact

FUN FACT: Caitlin can flip four eggs in a frying pan without breaking a sweat.